About Us

Hunt and Fish, Incorporated is dedicated to making your hunting and fishing adventures come true. We believe in providing the best adventures throughout North America. We have a network of outfitters and guides waiting to take you, your family or your friends on a trip of a life time.

Services offered:

  • Membership club
    Join the HNF membership club through September 30, 2011 and register for free hunting trips in Nebraska. The annual membership fee is $19.95 for families, and $59.95 for businesses. Register and save 20% on hunting adventures…find 1/2 price last minute trips on our poster board, coming soon in August 2011.
  • Free Booking
    All trips booked as a member of HNF club will be setup for free. The membership prices are the same price or less as what is being offered with the outfitter.
  • Birddog Fee
    Our birddog fee is only applied to adventure packages that are not included in the network. We will disclose up front that the package is not being offered in the network. The fees for setting up a trip outside the network are based on a percentage of the total trip cost. In most cases that cost will be less than the tax on the adventure.
  • Hunting Guides
    We offer hunting guides to outfitters for their clients in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. Please call for details on the guide rates.  402-802-1831
  • Full Service Packages: Includes lodging, meals, transportation to and from the airport and the field.  Field dressing your big game animals and help transporting to the local taxidermist and/or meat processor.
  • Semi-guided: If you looking for Semi-guided, then allow us to customize the package to fit your price. Use our “Contact Us” form and tell us your needs.
  • Drop Camps: Our drop camps are setup to allow your hunting party drive-in, drop your gear, and start your hunting.  The tents, stoves, cots, firewood, potable water, cooking utensils, and maps are provided. You can rent additional equipment by request. This includes hand radios, GPS, and ground blinds. Please include these in your request.
  • Do it yourself: Since not everyone is looking for a guided hunting package with full services, we provided a list of locations that you can hunt on private or public property on your own. Services for lodging, meals, and meat processing can be arranged so that you just focus on the hunting.[album: http://huntandfish.org/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Deer Hunting/]